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Program Focus:
Critical Thinking

Five major consulting performance areas that embody critical thinking skills, all in the context of the learner’s role

the problem

Foster critical thinking abilities and enhance understanding of complex problem-solving


Enhance analytical thinking and cultivate data-driven decision making

Producing and communicating

Contributing to the creation and crafting of client-relevant project deliverables

with others

Foster effective communication and cultivate strong interpersonal relationships


Foster self-motivation and accountability

P31 Academy uniquely meets your needs to produce highly skilled, ready-to-contribute team members.


P31 Academy


P31 knows that you expect an excellent, comprehensive consulting skills training program, and you will receive that!


Eliminates the need to invest significant financial and human resources to develop a custom solution now and keep it current over time

Convenient Enrollment2023-06-23T19:42:16+00:00

Ensures you are able to easily offer a consistent learning experience across all of your team members

Quicker Speed to Proficiency2023-06-23T19:42:25+00:00

Allows your team to start developing their skills without delay through quick onboarding and training commencement

Consulting AND Performance Development Expertise2023-06-23T19:42:40+00:00

Leverages the experience and innovative practices of consulting and performance development industry experts, ensuring high-quality training content

Well-Rounded Experience2023-06-23T05:17:54+00:00

Transfers critical early-career consulting skills using different learning modalities to keep everyone engaged and energized

Updated and Current Content2023-06-23T19:43:02+00:00

Regularly reviewed and updated content reflects the latest industry trends, methodologies, and emerging new practices

Access to Support and Resources2023-06-23T19:43:16+00:00

Enhances the learning experience through ongoing coaching and access to P31 Academy’s TIPs (“To Improve Performance) and other resources

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